Kitsap Artists' Slug Scholarship (KASS)

About the Hunt & Auction
What to "hunt" a slug?

Pay $1 for a slug hunting license which are availble at Slug Hosting Galleries and Shops in Poulsbo and Kingston. You must have 1 license for each slug "bagged". Licenses will be available for purchase starting in June until the hunt.

On Satuday, August 17 at 9:00 am go to the Kingston Chamber Parking Lot. Be there before 9:00 because there will be a line! At 9:00 sharp you may present your slug license(s) to receive a map. Finders keepers! Bagging limit is 1 slug per license!

When hunting you will be looking for a slug "medallion". Check information on the location to claim your slug! After presenting your medallion, you will be directed to a slug table to choose your slug. Fist come, first serve, so get there as soon as you find your medallion to have a better choice of slugs. 

Slug Auction 2012
Choosing which slugs to hide and which slugs to auction.
Want to buy a slug at the auction?

If you don't get one though, don't worry. You can still go to the Slug Auction in Poulsbo later that day. These slugs are specially selected by committee for auction. All auction proceeds go towards Scholarships for our local High School Students in Kitsap County. What a great cause!
When hunting, you will look for a slug "medallion". Find this and return it to the location that will be announced to claim your slug!
Next Slug Hunt 
& Auction
August 16, 2014 

Kingston Slug Hunt
9:00 am at Kingston Chamber
11201 NE State Hwy 104, 
Kingston, WA (by the ferry) 
Phone:(360) 297-3813 

Kingston Slug Auction
Location to be Announced

Kitsap Arts And Crafts will be taking over for next year. Visit 
for more information.